Are you hooked on (also commonly know as agar or agario)? Welcome to the club.

Here you you can find all skins. If you want to change the default skin you must know that you can’t use your custom nickname anymore. Actually, in order to select the desired skin you must type as your nick the skin’s name.

In this page we list all the available skins for the game and you can click on any of them to find more details about it, vote for it, or leave your comments about it.

If you want to see more skins released for this game, you can go in our skins request page and ask for your desired one in the comments section. Let the game developers know your preferences and perhaps they will release them in the next version.

Please note:

  • Skins are added and removed regularly. We do our best to keep the list accurate and up to date.
  • You can’t use skins in team mode.