Skin Requests

Would you like to see Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan or Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu as a skin for Or maybe your favorite youtuber like Ray William Johnson or Smosh? Or perhaps the Israel flag?

Unfortunately the developers of the game haven’t implemented them yet (see all the current skins here), but that’s where you come in. Please go ahead and give your requests about your desired skins in the comments. If enough comments are made about some particular skins we could gather the top of them and hand them over to game creators.

So what or who would you like to see as an skin? Leave your request in the comments section below.

36 thoughts on “ Skin Requests

  1. I would like to see some skins with some classic paintings on them. Like a star from Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

  2. I think they should make famous celebrity’s that have helped charity fundraisers for example David Walliams as he swam the English channel for sport relief.

  3. I think I want a troll face, a YOU MAD meme, more planets and we could post a picture ourselves.

  4. -Morrocan Flag
    -Algerian Flag
    -Mohamed VI’s skin (i’m french lol)
    -A Pokémon (Carapuce in french)
    And Lolirock skins (Iris, Talia and Auriana)

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